M-Jay Marcel has a wide knowledge of music, therefore it’s no surprise that the interest in music started at a young age. Following national and international music charts from the age of 8, his love for music became obvious. Hip-Hop at first, but soon House Music caught his attention. At the age of 13 Marcel started producing on an amateur level, just for the fun of it, not with the intention to get it released on a music label.

When he reached the appropriate age to go out. He started going out to some clubs and not only for the fun of it. It were the DJs that caught his attention. He was curious about how they performed and how to use the equipment. The interest in DJs never left his mind, but M-Jay kept his focus on producing, mostly Hip-Hop at that time. All of this happened between the age of 19 till 22. Then a new generation of house music made it’s appearance. Typical Dutch style, in a way the world has never heard before. A style that made M-Jay turn the tables once again.

Besides producing, M-Jay started to perform as a deejay at a local venue near Amsterdam, which was his first time of performing in front of an actual crowd. It didn’t felt that way though. It felt natural. At the age of 24 he became a resident DJ at this venue. This brought more opportunities to him, like meeting new people and performing at several clubs and bars around the country and even outside of the country.

​Collabs have led to great results and releases such as the 'Dutch Deejays Dominate' formula, which eventually got him to Ibiza by winning Bob Sinclair's remix contest! As the years moved on M-Jay started focussing on styles such as Tech-House, Deep house and even Techno. As a result, his signature style and experience caught the attention of several radio stations, where you can hear his music today on a weekly basis, besides his live performances!

SHOW: M-Jay Tech Session
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