Andrea Roberto

Andrea Roberto was born in Siderno, a city on the Jonic coast of Calabria. From a very young age he started to listen to everything, privileging mostly rock and Brazilian rhythms. After having listened by chance to a compilation, he started to be interested in figures such as Thievery Corporation, Mo Horizons, Moodorama, Trio Electrico and Boozoo Bajou. Within a few months he acquired such a good knowledge of both the artists and music labels that form the panorama of deep and soulful house. With  some help from friends, Andrea started a radio program for a small local radio with the intention of having his followers discover those genres that fascinated him so much. 

At the same time, because of the originality of his musical choices, his presence is requested behind the console of the best clubs of the area. In the same period he also collaborates with a local magazine for which he reviews a selection of albums and artists. Three years after he arrives at Radio Touring 104 based in Reggio Calabria and one of the most listened to radio in the south of Italy. He works there for two years, carrying out an evening program four times a week. Andrea has played in several clubs and with several artists. 

In November 2012, Andrea came  third at the Dj Contest organized by Vienna’s Waves festival and Play Fm, one of the most important portals of electronic music in the world, in which Andrea is in the 50 most listened to Djs. In 2014 Andrea was one of the final 30 in the Emerging Ibiza Dj Competition. At the present moment he lives in Bergamo where he plays and produces for many labels such as Karmic Power Records, Lupara Records &  Sonica London. 

His Radio show "Deep In My House" is dedicated to soulful, deep and tech house music and  goes on air every week in several radios and web radios around the world (USA, Romania, Brazil, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, France, Russia) 

LOCATION: Bergamo, Italy
SHOW: Deep In My House
Beatport: ‚Äč