Originally hailing from south London, Toasty wears many hats in the audio world. Techno/dnb/hip hop producer, audio engineer, Mc, break-dancer, Dj, promoter and performer, he takes pride in bringing people the best in underground electronic styles. As music has progressed over the years, Toasty aka Alex Nott has had extensive experience in various genres and styles to suit diverse crowds. Heavily tainted from warehouse parties and club nights in London, he now invests time and energy into creating dark techno and drum n bass including an album that was release independently on Itunes and even a top 10 remix for the B-sides project. 

"I started listening to rave music at just 11 years old and absolutely fell in love with the deeper side of electronic music. Then as my musical taste evolved, I started to appreciate the importance of track selection, stage performance and awareness involved in working a crowd. Where I grew up I was spoiled for choice for club nights, pirate radio, house parties and record shops so I spent a lot of time immersing myself in dance culture and was lucky enough to attend some legendary venues like The End, Fabric, Turnmills, The Fridge, Bagley’s, Egg, Hidden, The Sanctuary, Mass...The list goes on! 

Formally a resident at Brixton's infamous 414 Club in London, Toasty regularly mixed 6-hour after party sessions that left the dancefloor hungry for more well into the hours of the next day. “My most memorable set was when I started playing at 5am and at 12pm midday I was asked to stop because they needed to set up for that night...The dance floor refused to leave because they were enjoying themselves so much, that management let me do one more hour! They were crazy nights out.” 

Now currently residing in Brisbane Australia, Toasty has performed at some of the best venues up and down the east coast of Australia including appearances at Capulet bar, Amped and even a 2-year residency at the 5 star Emporium cocktail lounge. 
"I think its important to work hard and have targets, but at the same time have fun doing what you love. I love mixing three decks, incorporating live vocals in my sets and at times even break dancing if I get to carried away.”

Toasty is an example of a hard working individual who is determined to rise to any challenge thrown at him and to take his unique style of music as far as possible into his promising future. 

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Show: Velvet Nights, Dark Room
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