New To Soulfinity: ZoelJoel's Hypnotic Grooves

Tune in every wednesday at 8pm AEST for the Hypnotic Grooves radio show with local Brisbane DJ ZoelJoel. Hypnotic Grooves explores different flavours of deep groovy tracks, suitable for at home listening or on a dance floor.

Joel aka ZoelJoel is a DJ and Producer with a genuine enthusiasm for music and entertaining. He has been producing and performing electronic music for over 10 years, playing at some notable indoor clubs and outdoor festivals in Australia along the way.

Joel’s style has been crafted through soaking up flavours and styles of pioneers for particular sounds and genres and also through talented peers in the scenes. His personal spin gives his sound a unique flavour and his tune selection in mixes are carefully hand-picked.

For more original music and mixes check out ZoelJoel's soundcloud page.



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